Please call 801-357-BURN to let them know on the day you are burning.

The Division of Air Quality has set a new burn period for 2014 in Utah County. The Open Burn Periods for Utah County is now April 1st to May 30th.

This open burning allows residents to burn clippings, bushes, plants, and pruning’s from trees incident to property clean-up activities provided that the following conditions are met:

1. No trash, rubbish, tires, plastics, petroleum products, or oils are used to start fires or included in the material to be burned. NO Burning of Leaves

2. Materials to be burned are thoroughly dry.

3. Clearing index must be above 500 feet. Call 801-374-BURN to find out if it is a burn day. Burning is prohibited on “No-Burn” days.

4. Santaquin Fire Dept. shall be notified prior to burning.  Call 801-754-1940 and leave voicemail.

5. Burn must be 50 feet from any structure or combustible material.

6. Have all vegetation cleared within a 10 feet radius of fire.

7. Garden hose, approved fire-extinguisher, or other means to control spread of fire must be immediately available. 

8. Burning material shall be constantly attended by a responsible adult and remain until the fire has been extinguished.

9. No burning at night. Fires must be completely out, no smoldering fires.

10. Any fire that creates a hazard or a nuisance shall be extinguished.

When planning to burn, please be considerate of your neighbors, be aware

of smoke drifting towards and in your neighbors’ homes.  

Please call Santaquin Fire Chief Stephen Olson, 754-1940.

Burn Permits are available at the following link:

Santaquin City and Utah Valley University (UVU) are teaming up to provide educational opportunities in Santaquin City Hall.  This survey will help UVU better understand the community's desires and interests.  Please take 1 minute to answer the following survey:

Thank you!

Notice of Impact Fee Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that Santaquin City (“City”) intends to enact an Impact Fee Ordinance to amend Culinary and Pressurized Irrigation Impact Fees and adopt a proposed Pressurized Irrigation Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Culinary Water Impact Fee Facilities Plan.  Furthermore, the City intends to adopt a Pressurized Irrigation Impact Fee Analysis and Culinary Water Impact Fee Analysis.  Public hearings will be held by the City Council (“Council”) on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Santaquin City Council Chambers located on 45 West 100 South, Santaquin, UT  84655,  to receive public comment on the (1) Proposed Pressurized Irrigation and Culinary Water Impact Fee Facilities Plans and associated Impact Fee Analyses for the City and (2) an Enactment adopting revised Pressurized Irrigation and Culinary Water impact fees for the City.

The Impact Fee Facilities Plans and summary of the Plans, the Impact Fee Analyses and a summary of the Analyses, and the Impact Fee Enactment will be available for public inspection at the City office located at 275 West Main Street and at the public library located at 20 West 100 South at least 10 days before the public hearing.  This Notice is being given in satisfaction of requirements of UCA §§ 11-36a-504 and 10-9a-205.  If you cannot attend the hearing and would like to submit written comments, they will be received until 5:00 p.m. on November 20, 2013, via email at

If you are planning to attend this public meeting and, due to disability, need assistance in understanding or participating in the meeting, please notify the City ten or more hours in advance and the City will, within reason, provide what assistance may be required.


Contact Information:           

Susan Farnsworth


Certification of Advertisement and Posting

This notice is hereby properly advertised this 4th day of November, 2013, through submission for print in the Payson Chronicle  Newspaper, a newspaper of general circulation within Santaquin City, and posting of copies of this notice in three places within the city, namely City Hall, Zion’s Bank, and the United States Post Office.


Susan Farnsworth,  City Recorder

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