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The pageant will be held 8/13 and tickets will be sold to those that are personally invited by contestants. Follow @misssantaquinpageant on Facebook to watch a live streaming of the event. Usually the venue costs are covered by ticket sales which have been reduced. Donations are warmly welcome to help with this great event! Please mail donation checks to: Santaquin City 275 West Main St. Santaquin, UT 84655 

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The Miss Santaquin Scholarship Pageant is a wonderful opportunity for young women to learn lifelong skills. It is also a great opportunity to earn scholarship money for college and serve the community. The pageant is for young women Juniors in High School to 22 years of age. It is a fun experience and teaches interviewing skills and confidence to young women. There is no swimsuit competition with the program. We focus on interviewing, talent, and instilling confidence in the candidates.

Miss Santaquin Royalty

Santaquin City is proud to present the 2019 Miss Santaquin Royalty:  Queen - Devyn Olson, First Attendant - Erin Miller, and Second Attendant - Liz Waters.

As Miss Santaquin 2019 Devyn Olson will promote her platform, "Face a Fear Everyday" throughout the community this year. She plans to share her personal experience and struggles to help bring awareness to a cause that is personal to her.  Devyn plans on speaking to adolescents of all ages to help them understand that pushing past fear to accomplish goals is very important and can be very beneficial to individual growth.  Devyn is a 5th generation Santaquin resident and loves the community!  She will be a senior in high school in the fall.  Devyn is involved in Trouveres and show choir at Payson High School. She has the opportunity to travel to Europe this summer as part of a touring choir and she is excited to travel the world doing what she loves.  Devyn will continue to promote her platform throughout the next year and is so excited to serve the wonderful people of Santaquin.

First Attendant Erin Miller loves performing in stage productions and sharing her talents of acting and singing with audiences.  She just graduated from Payson High School and will be attending Southern Utah University this fall.  She plans on studying acting and performance while there.  Erin is excited for the opportunities that being in the Miss Santaquin Royalty will give her.  She has loved living in Santaquin and is excited to serve the community.

Second Attendant Liz Waters has been an active member of the Payson FFA.  She is also a member of the Payson Swim Team.  Liz has lived in Santaquin her entire life and loves the people and the community.  She just graduated from Payson High School and will be attending Snow College in the fall. This is her second year serving in the Miss Santaquin Royalty and is excited to continue the experience this year.

The Miss Santaquin Royalty does all of their fundraising during Santaquin Orchard Days.  We thank the community for all of their continuous support of our program.  We invite you to buy glow sticks during the rodeo and bring your kids to the bouncy houses in the park to help in our fundraising efforts!  The Miss Santaquin Royalty is very excited to serve the community throughout the next year!

For further information about the Santaquin City Royalty please contact the Miss Santaquin Co-Director Keela Goudy 801-830-6811 or santaquinpageant@gmail.com

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