Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Ted Roy
Posted on 03/28/2019

Volunteer of the Month - Ted Roy

Ted Roy is our November Volunteer of the Month. He is regularly seen walking along Summit Ridge Parkway picking up trash, pulling weeds, speaking a kind word to fellow walkers and waving hello to motorists. In fact, for the past little while, he has been seen on his hands and knees cutting out weeds along the road that were poisoned by our public works crew. His goal was to make the Parkway look as nice as possible for the Grand Opening of the road extension. When asked why he spends time giving service in this manner, he said he feels it is his civic responsibility.

When Mr. Roy was younger, he spent time serving on the sheriff’s posse and the sheriff’s rescue team while his profession was school teacher to children and teens. He has six children and his five boys have all received their Eagle Scout Award, which makes each one a 4th generation Eagle Scout.

Mr. Roy would like to start a campaign called Weed Angels which would focus on teaching children how to beautify their community by doing a little bit each day, such as pulling a few weeds or picking up trash on their way to the park. He is dedicated to beautifying our community and very much appreciated by all who live in Summit Ridge.  Thank you for your service Mr. Roy!


Mr. Roy accepting his recognition award from Mayor Hunsaker:
Ted Roy

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