Garbage and Recycling Days Change

Garbage Pickup
Posted on 10/06/2020

Residents living on the SOUTH side of Main Street and EAST of I-15 have garbage and recycling pickup on Mondays. 

Residents living on the NORTH side of Main Street have garbage and recycling pickup on Tuesdays

Main street is split down the center of the street, so if you live on the North Side you will have pickup on Tuesdays, and if you live on the South side, you will have pickup on Mondays. Recycling will continue to be picked up every other week. The city has mailed a magnetic map and calendar (shown below) to each household for reference. Please hold on to them for the year of 2021.

Please Note:
1) Do NOT put hot coals or flammable items in your container. Our provider has experienced two truck load fires recently due to hot coals mixing with other garbage and catching fire. Fortunately both drivers were able to dump their burning loads before their trucks exploded or were harmed themselves. NO hazardous material or hot coals should ever be put in the garbage containers.
2) ALL residents have a garbage DAY, not a garbage time. Because of route changes, road construction and weather, garbage trucks can run on a flexible schedule on the day of collection. All garbage cans need to be at the curb by 7AM if they need to be dumped. If you miss the truck because you put your cans out after 7AM, you will need to wait until the next week for collection.
Thank you.



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