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Santaquin City will be holding a Municipal Election in November 2019 with a primary election on August 13th. At this time there will be three 4-year Council seats vacant. 

All questions may be directed to Susan B. Farnsworth, MMC, 801-754-1904 during regular business hours.

General election information is found at vote.utah.gov. Utah County will be administering a mail-in ballot. However, the Santaquin City Offices will also be used as the only polling place for both the Primary and General Elections. The City Offices are located at 275 W Main, Santaquin, UT.

Published in the Payson Chronicle the week of April 8, 2019 on the Utah Public Notice Website, and at www.santaquin.org.


June 2019 List of Declared Candidacy

Santaquin City Election 2019 - Candidate Financial Disclosures

Kody Curtis - Declaration of Candidacy
Jennifer S. Bowman - Declaration of Candidacy
William Morgan - Declaration of Candidacy
Lynn Mecham - Declaration of Candidacy
*Jordan G. Wood - Declaration of Candidacy - Withdrawn
Micheal David Weight - Declaration of Candidacy
Douglas J. Rohbock - Declaration of Candidacy
Denise Prue Rohbock - Declaration of Candidacy
David Hathaway - Declaration of Candidacy
Jessica Tolman - Declaration of Candidacy

*Primary Election Update: Jordan Wood has withdrawn his name as a candidate for City Council from the Santaquin City Primary Election. Any votes cast for Jordan will not be counted and considered null and void. 


2019 Santaquin City Council Candidate Information


Candidate #1
Curtis, Kody
1353 Maple Circle