Santaquin City Public Works Streets Department

Santaquin City has approximately 57 miles of road. For more information, visit the UDOT Website

Winter Parking: Parking is not permitted on City Streets or in right-of-ways from November 1-March 31. For detail information, see the City Code.

Snow Removal:
Please use caution around snow plows and on all streets during winter weather.

Main Street and SR 198 are plowed by UDOT.

The City's three large snow plows work on a priority system as follows:
First the hillsides and main roads are cleared. After that arterials (primary access roads) are plowed. Side streets and subdivisions are next, with dead ends and cul-de-sacs being plowed last. For small areas such as cul-de-sacs, where there is not enough room to turn one of the larger plows around, the City's smaller plow is brought in.

State Roads within Santaquin City limits maintained by UDOT:

  • Main Street, SR 6
  • SR 198

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