Santaquin Fire Department History

The Department was organized in the old relief society library at Centennial park on February 19, 1948.
There were few fires in those days and they were mostly grass and brush fires. Houses were hard to fight effectively with available training and equipment.

The Santaquin Fire Department was chartered by the State Firemen’s Association in October 1948. They installed an air raid siren from war surplus to alert firemen with a phone system tied at 4 locations and a local number to set suppression into action.

Timeline of Apparatus and alert system

1948 Dodge pumper, sold in 1995
1951 GMC dual wheel mini pumper, Unusable
1979 Chev. American LaFrance pumper, Out of compliance and wearing out
1979 4 bunkers, gloves w/ boots & 4 SCBA’s shared
1985 Dodge Pierce Mini Pumper
Aug. 27, 1984 Santaquin signed up with Utah county and pagers were issued to all firemen
1987 built a 1969 Kenworth into a Tanker/Tender using donated, dept. earned and grant funds.
1989 Aggressively began fitting all firemen for personal bunkers 3 to 4 per year as budget allowed.
1995 Pierce Sabre 6 man pumper was purchased
2000 Ford brush truck 621
2002 Money donated from citizens to the Fire Dept. which we built the “Molly” brush truck from.
2003 A 31 member department outfitted with PPE, personal masks and new dept. structure

‚ÄčLine up of vehicles

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