Planning & Zoning/Rezoning

Subdivision Planning Requirements

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Online Application

The requirements for subdividing are found in the Santaquin City Code Title 11 Subdivision Regulations.

The land use and development requirements can be found in Title 10 Land Use and Development Management Code

Application Checklist

Subdivision Preliminary Checklist

Subdivision Final Checklist

Site Plan Checklist

Review Process Flowcharts

Developments With Three (3) Lots or Less

Developments With More Than Three (3) Lots and PUD's

Master Planned Non-Residential, Mixed-Use or Multi-Family Development Site Plan

Individual Non-Residential Site Plan

Reference Links

Requirements and Approvals for Plats, Plans and Drawings

Subdivision Design Standards

Construction Standard Specifications and Drawings / Master Plans

Required Subdivision Improvements

Zoning Requirements

Landscape Requirements

Parking and Circulation Requirements

Infill Development

Infill Development/Flag Lot Requirements

Lot Line Adjustment

Lot Line Adjustment Requirements

Plat Approval Extension Request (Final and Preliminary)

Preliminary Plat Approval Extension Requirements (see Code 11-5-7-C)

Final Plat Approval Extension Requirements (see Code 11-5-8-B)

Planned Unit Developments

Planned Unit Development Requirements

Large Scale Development

Planned Communities

Planned Community Requirements

Additional Questions

Please call (801) 754-1011 for additional question regarding the subdivision process.

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