General Plan

The General Plan is a document required by the State of Utah. Santaquin reviews its plan every 5 years to reflect growing trends or changing conditions in the local economy.

The General Plan guides the overall character of the city by prioritizing the goals that its residents want. The plan serves as a guide for the city on future land use, transportation options, city services and economic opportunities. The city has been divided into 5 neighborhoods and held 5 neighborhood meetings to gather citizen input on land use, densities, roadways, trails, transportation, open space, recreational opportunities and special protection areas. An open house was held at the conclusion of the neighborhood meetings to combine all the ideas expressed by residents. The following documents comprise the final document approved by the Planning Commission and City Council in July 2014.

General Plan Preface

General Plan Introduction

General Plan Chapter 1 - Community Vision


General Plan Chapter 2 - Landuse Element


General Plan Chapter 3 - Circulation Element


General Plan Chapter 4 - Moderate Income Housing Element

General Plan Chapter 5 - Environment Element


General Plan Chapter 6 - Economic Element


General Plan Chapter 7 - Public Facilities & Services Element

General Plan Chapter 8 - Implementation Element


General Plan Appendix A - Northeast Neighborhood


General Plan Appendix B - Eastbench Neighborhood


General Plan Appendix C - Core Area Neighborhood


General Plan Appendix D - North Orchards Neighborhood


General Plan Appendix E - South Interchange Neighborhood


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