Tax and Fee Information


Santaquin City collects fees to cover the cost of various services. Click here to view the Santaquin City Fee Schedule.    



4.70% - Sales and Use Tax
1.00% - Local Sales and Use Tax
0.25% - Mass Transit Tax
0.30% - Mass Transit Fixed Guideway
0.25% - County Airport, Highway, Public Transit
0.25% - County Options

Total Sales Tax Rate - 6.75%

franchise tax

Energy Franchise Tax -   6.0%
Cable Franchise Tax -   5.0%
Telecommunications Franchise Tax -   3.5%

Property tax

Santaquin City property tax rate varies from year to year based on property values. Certified Tax Rates are established by Utah County and approved and accepted by the City Council each year during the budget approval process. 

The Santaquin City Property Tax Rate for 2012-2013 is     .001670 
The Santaquin City Library Property Tax Rate for 2012-2013 is  .000147
Total Santaquin City Property Tax Rate for 2012-2013 is  .001817

Property taxes are based on the specific property. However, other taxing entities (e.g. Utah County, Nebo School District, etc.) may levy taxes against the property as well. As such, the total tax rate you see on your Property Tax Statement may vary.

county wide property taxes by city

Utah County Average Property Tax Rate:       .002244  
 Santaquin City Property Tax Rate       .001817
   - 19% Below the County Average  
   - 18th of 26 Jurisdictions  


2012 tax graph-UT County cities

Tax rates by city within Utah county


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