eSports Tournament - NBA 2K20


Tournament Rules


Participants of any age may participate 

General Tournament Rules:

All Games will played using NBA 2K20

The length of playing time will be 3 minute quarters. 

Only current NBA teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or ALL-Star Teams are prohibited. Please take note that the tournament is played with the latest NBA 2K20 update. 

You can change your plays and coaches settings during the tournament. 

If two competing players want to play with the same team, this is allowed. 

You may change teams between rounds. 

Seeding and match ups for the tournament will be done by random draw. 

In the event of a power loss or system freeze, the game will be restarted with “situational setup” to exactly match the score, settings, quarter, time, and possession and play will resume. 

Santaquin Recreation staff reserves the right to make changes to the tournament format at any time.

Game Settings:

All settings are DEFAULT. Skill level is HALL OF FAME. 

MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC Substitutions, Time Outs, and Late Game Fouling are allowed but must be present before the start of the game. 

No manual substitution via START button. Substitutions are only allowed in-game via D-Pad and during called Time Outs.

Team starting roster adjustments must be made before going into the game. 

Injuries/Player Fatigue must be on.

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