Community Program: Neighborhood Watch

A Community Anti-Crime Program


Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to increase security on neighborhood blocks by involving as many individuals and families as possible in a united crime prevention effort.


Participants in Neighborhood Watch learn:

  • To be familiar with neighbors and activities on the block
  • To recognize and report suspicious activity
  • To increase home security
  • To engrave property correctly


We believe that citizens have the right to livable and secure neighborhoods in order to pursue their lives free of fear and crime.


We believe it is the responsibility of citizens to build and maintain livable and cohesive neighborhoods and to support and assist each other in the prevention of crime.


We believe citizen involvement is an integral part of maintaining an effective and vital police service and that it is a proper role of police and other government agencies to provide resources to citizens who are working to improve the livability and safety of their neighborhoods.


We believe that committed citizen and committed police, working cooperatively toward these ends, create a united and secure community and reduce vulnerability to crime.



  • We will reduce the level of fear of crime in our neighborhoods.
  • We, as citizens will accept the responsibility to increase neighborhood livability and reduce crime in our neighborhoods.