City Directory



801-754-3211 801-754-3526 Fax 275 West Main Street

 Administration & Utilities

Name Title Divison Phone Email
Ben Reeves City Manager Administration 801-754-3211 Ext.206
Shannon Hoffman Admin Services Director/Treasurer Administration 801-754-3211 Ext.203
Susan Farnsworth Recorder Administration 801-754-3211 Ext.204
Suzanne McDowell Administrative Assistant Administration 801-754-3211 Ext.205

Joyce Lamb Billing Clerk Utilities 801-754-3211 Ext.202

Karen Mortensen Office Clerk Utilities 801-754-3211

Brenda Shupe Office Clerk Utilities 801-754-3211

Alan Lohrke Custodian Gov Buildings 801-754-3211  

Justice Court

Name Title Divison Phone Email
Sharla Williams Judge Justice Court 801-754-5376  
Nicol Kropf Court Clerk Justice Court 801-754-5376

Mindi Tyler Court Clerk Justice Court 801-754-5376




801-754-1011 801-754-1753 Fax

275 West Main Street, 2nd Floor

Name Title Division Phone Email
Dennis Marker Communtiy Dev Director/ Asst. City Manager Administration 801-754-3211 Ext.223
Norm Beagley City Engineer Engineering 801-754-3211 Ext.225

Jon Lundell EIT/Planning Tech Eng/Planning

801-754-3211 Ext.230

Randy Spadafora Building Official Building 801-754-3211 Ext.224
Jared Shepherd Infrastructure Inspector Infrastructure 801-754-3211 Ext.226
Holly Homer Administrative Assistant Administration 801-754-1011


801-754-5805 801-754-3526 Fax 45 West 100 South(Recreation)
801-754-3030   20 West 100 South (Library)
801-754-1700 801-754-3526 Fax 75 West 100 South (Sr Citizens)
Name Title Division Phone Email
Lyn Oryall Librarian Library 801-754-3030
Tina Johns Clerk Library 801-754-3030  
Rose Larsen Clerk Library 801-754-3030  
Jennifer Wagner Clerk Library 801-754-3030  
Caroline Steed Clerk Library 801-754-3030  
Talyr Lerwill Clerk Library 801-754-3030  
Amy Johnson Program/Events Manager Recreation 801-754-5805
Nicole Stevens Sports Coordinator Recreation 801-754-5805

Bryan Mecham Sports Coordinator Recreation 801-754-5805

Annette Bott  Curator Museum 801-754-3910  
Judy Robbins Director Senior Citizens 801-754-1700  
Jeneil Deuel Treasurer Senior Citizens 801-754-1700  
Sarah Miller Head Cook Senior Citizens 801-754-1700  
Rachel Burke Asst Cook Senior Citizens 801-754-1700  
Judy Heaps Meal Assistant Senior Citizens 801-754-1700  


801-754-1070 801-754-1697 Fax 275 West Main Street
  After Hours 801-794-3970 or 911  
Name Title Division Phone Email
Rod Hurst Chief of Police Administration 801-754-1070
Jake Stika Master Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Jon Green Master Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Russ Woodland Master Officer Investigation 801-754-1070
Matt Drussel Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Mike Wall Master Officer/K9 Patrol 801-754-1070
Rich Glenn Master Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Nick Alvey Officer Patrol 801-754-1070 

Ryan Shaw Master Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Westyn Robinson Officer Patrol 801-754-1070

Zack Bate Animal & Code Enforcement Patrol 801-754-1070

Ryan Lind Officer (PT) Patrol 801-754-1070

Tim Laursen Officer (PT) Patrol 801-754-1070

Jason McClellan Officer (PT) Patrol 801-754-1070

Tony Sorensen Officer (PT) Patrol 801-754-1070

Jenna Worthen Administrative Assistant Administation 801-754-1070

Ciera Wall Office Clerk Administration

Stephen Olson Fire Chief Fire 801-754-1940

Dan Olson Assistant Fire Chief Fire 801-754-1940

Brad Kearl Fire Battalion Chief Fire 801-754-1940

Ryan Lind EMS Battalion Chief EMS 801-754-1941

Susan Farnsworth Training Officer EMS 801-754-3211 Ext.204



801-754-3211  After Hours Dispatch 801-794-3970 1213 N. Center Street
Name Title Division Phone Email
Wade Eva Public Works Director Administration 801-754-3211
Jason Callaway Opertations Manager Operations 801-754-3211
Pat Hatfield Operator Operations 801-754-3211  
Gregg Hiatt Operator Operations 801-754-3211  
Dennis Barnes Operator (PT) Operations 801-754-3211  
Craig Beardall PW Maintenance Maintenance 801-754-3211  
Brandon Butler  PW Maintenance  Maintenance 801-754-3211  
Shad Eva PW Maintenance Maintenance 801-754-3211  
Bart Provstgaard PW Maintenance Maintenance 801-754-3211  
A.J. Eppersm Parks & Grounds Maintenance Parks & Grounds 801-754-3211  
Trent Kearl Parks & Grounds Maintenance Parks & Grounds 801-754-3211  


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