Santaquin Ambulance


Santaquin City Fire and Ambulance Personnel strive to make Santaquin a safe community. The Ambulance Volunteers (EMT's) participate in continuous training so they can provide expedient and efficient emergency medical treatment.


If you, a friend, neighbor or loved one have a special medical need, which may require specialized training, please contact one of the following EMT's so the entire department may be advised as how to administer the most effective emergency care, if necessary.


- Ryan Lind, EMS Battalion Chief 801-754-1941 -

- Susan Farnsworth, Training Officer, 801-754-3211 ext 204 -


The EMT's strive to know the special medical needs of those within their service boundaries and how the needs may best be met during a medical emergency.

Santaquin Ambulance is seeking day time volunteers, if you are interested, please submit a completed application to the City Office, 275 W Main.