Land Use Appeals Authority (Board of Adjustment)

The Santaquin appeal authority is established to hear and decide requests for variances from land use ordinances and appeals from decisions applying the land use ordinances. State code allows cities to have a different appeals authority for varying land use applications.

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The Land Use Appeal Authority is required by State Law to consider decisions pertaining to land use laws.  This body was historically referred to as the Board of Adjustments.  State law allows the Land Use Appeal Authority to consider appeals and variances.

Appeals may be considered on actions taken by the City staff, the Planning Commission, or the City Council.  Actions that may be considered for appeal include rezoning requests, subdivision approvals, site plan approvals, issuance of a conditional use permit, general plan adoption, building permit approvals, or even development code interpretations.

Requests for variances must comply with state law, Title 10-9a-702 (  Variances may be considered when strict enforcement of a law may cause an unreasonable hardship, there are special circumstances attached to a property that do not generally apply to other properties in the same zone, the variance is essential to the enjoyment of a property right possessed by others in the same zone, the variance will not substantially affect the general plan of the city or be contrary to public interest, or the spirit of the land use ordinance is observed and substantial justice done.  Variances cannot be granted if the "hardship" to be considered is self-imposed or economic in nature.

Questions about appeals and variances can be addressed to the Community Development Department.



The pertinent appeal authority must take action within 60 days of an appeal.


The Appeal Authority Board consists of five (5) members and two (2) alternates appointed by the Mayor for a five year term. Board members must be residents of Santaquin City. See Santaquin City Code §2-2-3.



Pamela Colson

Paul Terry

Brian Rowley

Martin Green

Tracy Roberts


Art Adcock

Carolyn Callahan


Please contact the Community Development Department if you have questions about Appeal Authority actions, agenda, authorities, etc


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